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Our friends and partners

websad - virtual gardening club
Virtual gardening club. The forum has a section "Oriental gardens. Water and Stone". (in Russian)
kacheli-shop - garden plastic furniture
Garden plastic furniture, umbrellas, tents, plastic sheeting, tables for ping-pong, children's trampolines, slides, outdoor heaters. (in Russian)
"Bamboo"- shop
Website of the "Bamboo"- shop. Trunks of bamboo, bamboo panels, reed mats, and more.
This website is a meeting place for people who want to create their wonderful garden and professionals who may help them. Here you can also see a collection of "Remarkable Gardens" collected by Olga Ekimova together with friends.
The website of the artists working in sumi-e technique. It will be very interesting for amateurs of east painting.



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