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Private gardens in Japan

To own a private garden of any size is a privilege that most people in Japan cannot afford due to very high real estate prices in this small and densely populated country. The gardens revealed in this section of the book have been handed down to the current owners by their ancestors, and are a testament to the commitment of the owners to their heritage as well as to garden traditions.

Many of the owners of the gardens featured here, such as Mimou House and Suya House in Gifu, have been forthcoming in sharing stories here of the very personal memories the gardens hold. Many private gardens are tea gardens, since the Уway of teaФ was a strong cultural presence in historic Japan and continues to be so today. Tea gardens are full of symbolism which imbues stone path, gates, water basins, trees, and humble grasses with spiritual meaning.

Mimou House (Nonoichi) Mimou House
Wafudou of Ueda Soko Ryu (Hiroshima) Wafudou of Ueda Soko Ryu
Yabashi House (Ogaki) Yabashi House
Segawa House (Tokyo) Segawa House
Shigemori House (Kyoto) Shigemori House
Kamoizumi House (Hidashihiroshima) Kamoizumi House
Suya House (Nakatsugawa) Suya House
Araki House (Kyoto) Araki House



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