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УThe Japanese Garden in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)Ф Irina Andrianova

УThe garden of Hasedera TempleФ Alexandra Shurupova (photo), Irina Andrianova (text)

УMy FukushimaФ (Gogyoshi, Haiku and Haibun) Taro Aizu

"Private gardens in Japan" Greta K. Mehta and Kimie Tada

"Kasuisai Temple" Alexandra Shurupova (photo), Irina Andrianova (text)

"Japanese garden in Russia" Irina Andrianova

- The garden of Gleb Uspensky

- The garden of Alexander Tolokonnikov

- The garden of Elena Astashkina

- The garden of Tatjana Matroussova

- The garden of Natalia Zhukova

- The garden of Nadezhda Agulova

- The garden of Svetlana Chizhova

- The garden of Irina Andrianova

- The garden of Elena Glubokovskih

"The private garden of Takakazu Nozawa" Takakazu Nozawa (photo), Irina Andrianova (text)

"Our hometown, Fukushima" Taro Aizu

Ritsurin Koen Irina Andrianova

"Pages of a Stone Book" Alexandr Borisovich Zaitsev

Taihoji garden Alexandra Shurupova (photo)

Momijiyama Garden Alexandra Shurupova (photo), Irina Andrianova (text)

Irises Garden in Ritsurin Koen (photo) Chiaki Fujita

Shizuoka Sengen Jinja Alexandra Shurupova (photo)

The garden of the hotel "Garden Square" Alexandra Shurupova (photo)

Tofukuji Temple gardens Alexandra Shurupova (photo)


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